My personal, professional and spiritual process has always been and continues to be based on consistently taking one conscious step at a time. Taking steps towards a vision or dream can be frightening. Adding intention and consciousness to each step can feel overwhelming. I offer a variety of ways to support you through this process.

Ideas abound. It's funny. Sometimes we have so many ideas we can't stop our heads from spinning and sometimes we wonder if we will ever have another idea again. If you are on one side of the spectrum or the other (or even in-between), I can assist you in discovering that one idea or in finding the first place to start.

Although I am a visual artist, I receive a lot of clarity when writing. I have created a small workbook that really does shine the light on all aspects of one's life (both delightful and challenging). Spending time with my workbook creates a lot of insight as well as a foundation of where and how to begin a process. We will generate small yet extremely powerful actions you can take on your own or with on-going support. With awareness and action anything is possible.


Jump start: $99

This package includes my Breakthrough Workbook, writing/sharing/developing a creative action plan (includes a one hour meeting or conversation)


Bull's eye: $199

This package includes all of the above plus the benefit of daily support via text or email for three weeks.


Brew your own blueprint: $65

Once you have completed the above, you may want to continue. I offer creative coaching as needed on an hourly basis.