kari maxwell

Regardless of subject, I continue to find that my work is a reflection of where I have been or a hint of where I may be going. I work intuitively. With proper rest, solitude, meditation, affirmation and what seems like millions of collages, doodles, paintings and photographs gone to waste, a new body of work is born.

My most successful paintings occur when I lose all inhibitions and make a mess. I honor the days of creative freedom, when what is "wasted" is just as important as what remains. My challenge as an artist is to trust that this is part of my process, creating another layer of the story.

I try to allow the painting to lead the way. For me, this is when I become one with the process, and the painting takes on its own expression. When a painting is complete, it reveals an answer to a question or confirms a recent emotional or spiritual understanding or growth within myself.

Kari Maxwell is a self taught artist who lives and works out of her studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is represented by the Chait Galleries downtown in Iowa City, IA, the Fanny Garver Gallery in Madison, WI and The Grand Hand in St. Paul, MN.

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